Our process

Today most marketing communications agencies have the same message to their present as well as potential clients: they all say they are brand builders, they claim to be able to manage all communication channels and deliver the most creative ideas to solve the marketing problems in different companies. However, in reality the differences between agencies are huge.

Besides saving you time and money, the contribution of a professional selection process will help you minimize the risks involved. The starting point is the strategy and needs of your company. We will consult you in the most important decision in your marketing: what kind of agency, eg. advertising agency, PR agency, brand consultant etc, will be the most suitable that best fits the set target profile.

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1. The starting point is the client company, the role of marketing, set targets, results expected.
2. Target profile for the agency.
3. Longlist of agency candidates. We will find the relevant candidates for the longlist.
4. Field work Rfis and interviews.
5. Shortlist The agencies that best fit the target profile.
6. Workshop
7. Follow-up Client satisfaction is crucial and it is guaranteed.
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