About us

Breezeway is a specialised management consultancy, advising marketing and procurement professionals both nationally and internationally in agency selection, evaluation, remuneration and client-agency relationships in the field of marketing communications. Breezeway was founded in 2002 being thus the first agency search consultancy in Finland. The company operates independently with no ownership ties to other companies. It is crucial that all parties involved know that the assignment is always treated objectively and confidentially.

The founder of the company, Tuuli Kahma, is a professional in marketing. She has several years of experience from the marketing communications business and has assisted clients both in national and international agency search assignments. Tuuli holds an eMBA in marketing from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

Breezeway has a network of agency search consultants who assist in international assignments.

Our Services
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Breezeway will help your company make its marketing more effective by selecting the marketing communications agencies best suited for your business needs in this rapidly changing market place.
Could you improve your cooperation with your present agency? You may find a better way to work to together through the evaluation of both parties involved.
We can handle the remuneration and contract discussions.
Build and Renew Marketing
When businesses transform, marketing needs to transform as well. What kind of talents are needed in modern marketing? Should we invest in in-house capabilities? What should we do first?

If these are the questions on your agenda, Breezeway can help you.
Interested in our process that we use when finding the right partner for you?